Size Chart ‑ Clothes Fit Guide FAQ

by SweetEcom

Why should I install this app?

App provides accurate size information for customers. This will help customers decide on their purchases by giving them all the size information they need.

What should I do after install?

After install, you have to create your size chart for selected products. After that, you will see the size chart widget on the product page.

Could I use multiple size guides for one product?

No, only one size chart available for each product. If some new product could be attached to the multiple size guides by their filters, it will assign to the latest created size chart. If you want to change this behavior, you should manual select product for the chart.

What should I do after uninstalling the app?

Nothing, we will automatically delete all data about your installation.

What do I do if I encounter problems or bugs?

There shouldn’t be any, but if the app has issues try to identify the problem or bug and notify our support team